What We Do

We are a Makerspace that provides tools, training, and a location for members of the community to learn hands-on skills and enter into entrepreneurship roles.

Akron Makerspace is open to the public. We host classes and events centered around crafting and building in everything from sewing and jewlery, to wood and metalworking, to laser cutting, to 3D printing, to software development, to robotics.

Staffed by volunteers, Akron Makerspace is a 501(c)3 dedicated to providing a better future for residents, start ups, and established businesses in North East Ohio.

The Space


What kind of tools do we offer.

Our facility is equipped with a robust array of fabrication equipment and tools. From artisan hand tools to industrial machines and cutting edge CNC's, laser cutters and 3D printers. We encompass all the capabilities of a Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Crafting shop, Electronics Lab, Computer Lab, and a Bike shop. All safety equipment is provided.


A little about the diverse community of Makers

The collaborative environment at AMS includes individuals from all walks of life. From middle and high school students to Engineers, Teachers, and Doctors. With a wide range of skills and talents our Makers are able to get tips, advice, and help when needed on a build. Many of our community members also participate in larger group projects that have positive impact outside of the workshop. From art installations and interactive learning exhibits to builds for charity events.


A brief history of the Makerspace and how we started.

Akron Makerspace, formerly Syn/Hak Inc, began as a way for Makers, DIYers, and programmers to share resources and build off of one another's experience. Since its inception we have grown from a small two car garage to our own 4300 sq facility in Downtown Akron. Offerings have expanded from wood and metal shop, robotics, electronics, to crafting, coding, and the arts in support of students, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs.

Akron Makerspace Events

We offer classes and collaborative events on a variety of subjects as well as various social events throughout the year. Want to learn something not currently offered or wish to teach a class and share your knowledge?

Want to join a class? Send us a quick comment down in the Contact Form!

Become A Maker

Our facility is open to the public for classes and events. To utilize the shop outside of those hours we ask that you become a members. Membership is a great way to support the space as you gain valuable access to the tools, equipment and knowledge needed to complete your project. Members also receive benefits such as storage, discounts on classes, and the ability to get a key.

Visit our facility and join us for an Open House held every Tuesday at 7pm. Meet with other Makers, tour the shop, and see what programs we offer. You can ask any questions you may have and pick up a member application. After completing the application and paying first month's dues you can come in during our open hours and build! For the first month you are a probationary maker that can use tools and equipment you have received sanctioned training on. We want you to build and work on projects, but we also want you to be safe. After that first month, you can join us at a board meeting for a member interview. Once approved you are a full member with storage space, voting rights, and can apply for an access key to have 24/7 access.

Stop by this Tuesday and start making now!


  • Basic member - $35 per month
  • Student/Military/Discount - $30 per month
  • Family Discount - $35 for the first member per month., $15 per every member after that
  • Access Key Fee - $25 one time fee

Contact Us

  • Address: 48 S Summit St, Akron, OH 44308
  • Phone: (330) 597-3111